Audio and Video

Audio and Music Services

Audio and music services seem to be everywhere these days. Yet, what truly separates Mixnaster from local friendly competition, is our multi-certified recording team. Our passion for past and future projects is evident. When working side by side with rap artists, bands and authors, we attempt to make recordings stand out from the crowd. Not afraid to push the boundaries of art, we have the same mentality for our corporate audio work. Businesses far and wide are integrating video and audio into websites, mobile platforms and in stores. Each business is unique and so is its needs. Management teams, record labels, and media companies can call us for quotes and media packages. Finally, our pricing is flexible. Details can be discussed directly with us to see if we are a fit for your business needs. Pricing can be found in the services page in the top menu. Specialty pricing is available for large scale projects.


Music Services

Music services are available to protect our customers recordings. Mixnaster aims to protect your audio, audiobook, music, and songs with force. This is done directly by our trained staff. We also offer music, record label contract writing and editing. We believe that art and media should be that of its rightful owner. Security is needed into today’s high tech world and lawsuits as a whole tend to not yield a positive outcome for either party involved. Therefore, we try to limit the chance that your project is compromised. When you leave the facility and take your product to the real world, we want you to walk away worry free. For more information please visit our contact page at the top of this page.