Audio, editing, mixing, and recording services seem to be available everywhere these days. Yet, what truly separates Mixnaster from local friendly competition, is our laid back atmosphere and wide scope of services. Our passion for past and future projects is evident. When working side by side with rap artists, bands, authors and other clients, we attempt to make recordings stand out from the crowd. Not afraid to push the boundaries of art, we also have the same mentality for our corporate audio work. Businesses far and wide are integrating video and audio into websites, mobile platforms, and in stores. Management teams, record labels, and media companies can call us for quotes and media packages. All of our recording service pricing is flexible. Details can be discussed directly with us to see if we are a fit for your business needs. Specialty pricing is available for large scale projects and custom agreements are be written up for everyday clients to protect our clients. That said, studio tours for new clients can be made if set up in advance. Be sure to check our services pricing and reach out to us today.


Sometimes our clients need something extra. This might include a music page for posting songs, packages to sell music, or possibly music copyrighting to protect intellectual lyrics or melodies. Our team can assist with these services also and we offer by the hour work for our clients. Pricing is $15.00 per hour (plus cost for copyright or trademark). Mixnaster works directly with the state to make sure audio is protected. In addition to these services, we offer connections with local videographers and can work side by side with the video team you choose to shoot a corporate training video or a music video for your song. Each videographer charges differently, so pricing will vary. The typical video can be expensive but as we become more of a visual society, quality is very important. We have a good set of connections and for particular clients we can send you in the right direction. If interested today, please reach out to us by email using our contact page.